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Name of Stallion:  ______________________________________________________________

Stud Fee:________________________      Date: ________________________

This Breeding Contract, entered into on this _______ day of _______________, 200___ between J.D. Stevens Stables, hereafter referred to as “Stevens Stables,” and the undersigned mare owner, hereafter referred to as “Owner,” is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The terms of this agreement shall be good for one year from the date the mare is first bred.


  1. Half of the breeding fee, of _______________ hundred dollars ($ _________.00), shall be paid upon breeding, with the remaining half to be paid when the mare is declared safe in foal.


  1. Once the designated mare has been declared safe in foal at least 60 days following breeding, the live foal guarantee becomes effective. After this point, if the mare does not produce a live foal—one that stands and nurses—Stevens Stables will rebreed the mare, or a substitute, at no additional cost to Owner.  The guarantee period shall not exceed twelve (12) months from the original due date. 


  1. Mare shall be bred artificially.


  1. Mare shall be in good physical condition and free of disease and infection, or she may be rejected by Stevens Stables, at its sole discretion. Owner shall present Stevens Stables with a negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), Coggins test, not more than one year old upon the arrival of the mare at Stevens Stables. If a Coggins test is not provided, one will be prepared at Owner’s expense. If the designated mare is determined to be unfit for breeding, a substitute may be used upon approval of Stevens Stables during the contract period.  Stevens Stables may require an examination or culture from a licensed veterinarian at the expense of Owner.  Mares left at the farm shall have current vaccinations and de-wormings or such will be done, also at Owner’s expense.


  1. Stevens Stables shall not be liable for death, sickness, and/or accident, including consequential damages caused to the mare and/or foal.


  1. Should the stallion to which Owner breeds become unfit for service, or is sold, Stevens Stables shall be released from this agreement, thereby making it null and void, and Owner shall be entitled to no cash refund.  In the event of this circumstance, Owner will be given credit for fees already paid toward another stallion at Stevens Stables, if the designated mare is not in foal.


  1. Board bills, veterinarian bills and other necessary expenses for mare care are not part of the breeding fee and shall be paid by Owner.  It shall be understood that Stevens Stables may utilize the services of an in-house veterinarian, whose services will be billed to the Owner.


  1. A finance charge computed at a periodic rate of 1.5% per month (18% Annual Percentage Rate) is applied to past due accounts over 30 days. Owner is, by signatory affirmation of this contract, liable for all legal and collection fees.


  1. Stevens Stables reserves the right to determine availability and distribution of stallion semen.  Distribution is contingent on: (a) an approved breeding contract on file with Stevens Stables and (b) advance notice to Stevens Stables of desired delivery date.  Owner shall be responsible for furnishing the full and correct name and registration number of the mare to be bred.


  1. Owner is bound by the normal rules, regulations, and policies of Stevens Stables, which are incorporated herein as part of the contract.


  1. The stud fee is transferable only with prior approval from Stevens Stables


The terms of this contract have been read and agreed upon by:

Stevens Stables:                                 OWNER:
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Mare Owner: __________________________Address:________________________________________




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